Farm Life

It's alive!

Last fall I had a bit of an incidence.  I was putting out round bales with the big tractor.  I had just opened up the gate so I could drive the tractor into the pasture with a big hay bale.  Before I had a chance to scoot through, the cows had stampeded the gate and got into the yard.  The yard with all the baby fruit trees!  My poor apple tree didn't fair so well.  Before I could get out of the tractor, a cow had chomped on some branches and then commenced to rub on the tree until it snapped.  Before she was done with it, it was laying flat on the ground.  I had spent so much time and effort to make sure my apple trees were happy that I was heart broke that the cow had destroyed it.  When I investigated a bit further I could see that the tree wasn't 100% broke off.  There was still about 1/4 of the tree trunk that was still intact.  I thought there was a tiny chance I could save my tree so after I was done chasing cows back into the pasture and feeding hay I grabbed my roll of duct tape.  I jammed the tree trunk back together as best as I could and then duct taped around the wound.  Mark later drove a t-post and bungied the tree to it for further support.  I got online and googled my predicament.  Asked for advice on Facebook too.  After consulting and research I figured I handled my tree situation the best I could.  

Jump forward to this spring.  My tree never shriveled up last fall and it greened up beautifully this spring.  I recently took off the duct tape I had put on last fall and it's healed!  It's a bit rough looking and I'm sure I will have to continue to baby along this tree but at least I'm not buying a new one.