Farm Life

Cheep, Cheep, Quack

All the poultry have gone broody!  We're having fun seeing what hatches and stuffing eggs under anyone who will set on them.  

A day ago, two hens and a turkey hatched a whole bunch of baby chicks.  The turkey hen had been laying her eggs in the egg boxes in the coop.  We kept on picking her eggs with the other chicken eggs.  I didn't think the turkey would go broody so I didn't keep her eggs.  When she did go broody I put a whole bunch of hen eggs under her.  She seems to be happy with her odd brood.       

I have four more hens setting on eggs.  They should be hatching around the first weekend in June.  I also have another turkey hen that I stuffed a bunch of hen eggs under.  I even found a peacock egg and put that under her as well!  This second turkey had hatched some turkey poults but since she was fighting over a nest with a little banty hen they goofed up the eggs and got a bad hatch.  Out of a big clutch of turkey eggs, five hatched. Three out of the five died from different reasons.  I grabbed the last two and put them in the brooder with the meat chicks.  The turkey hen still wanted to set on a nest so that is why I put the hen and peacock eggs under her.

A few weeks ago we went to our first swap meet.  We couldn't pass up these pretty little girls.  These are Indian Runner ducks.  They are an upright standing duck.  They have the special privilege of being lawn ornaments because they make us smile.

The dark spot in the middle of the plants.  Mamma duck is brooding a clutch of eggs!  Hopefully we'll get a good batch of baby Cayuga ducks.