Farm Life

Steam, Don't Boil

I learned a great cooking trick from one of my Udall neighbors recently.  Being born and raised on a farm I can't believe I had never heard of this trick.  For years I had been plagued with the problem of peeling FRESH hard boiled eggs.  It's impossible!  Here's the trick my neighbor told me- Steam fresh eggs, don't boil them.  Here's the reasoning behind it.  Store bought eggs always peel well because they are old.  Those eggs sit around for weeks before they ever hit a store shelf.  Those eggs have had a chance for moisture to evaporate out of them.  This pulls the membrane away from the shell of the egg making them easy to peel.  Fresh eggs have not had a chance for any moisture to evaporate out.  This is where steaming a fresh egg comes in.  When you steam a fresh egg moisture can leave the egg during the cooking process.  Boiling doesn't accomplish this because the egg is surrounded by water.