Farm Life

Our March Newsletter


Even though winter doesn't seem to want to loosen it's grip we are thinking spring here at the farm.  I've been really excited about planning for the upcoming farmer's market season.  Mark is itching to get some sweet corn and watermelon planted.



Our group of Rhode Island Red pullets are coming along nicely.  I'm hoping they will start laying eggs this month.  I've had a lot of people asking about chicken.  I plan on getting some meat bird chicks to raise up towards the end of this month.  I'm waiting for overnight temps to warm up so that I can raise the birds in our portable poultry pens. 

We are working hard on expanding our hog operation to meet the growing demand for our pork.  Our next batch of whole hogs will be ready sometime in June or July.  Then we will have another big batch for sale this fall. For those folks that prefer to buy pork by the cut we just stocked our sales area freezer with plenty of it.  This is what we are offering:

Normally $4.50/lb.  We will have breakfast sausage on sale until April 1st.  Comes in one pound packages. 

There are 2 chops per package and they are cut 1 inch thick.  Packages weigh approximately one pound each. 

2 per package.  Packages weigh approximately two pounds each.  

This includes shoulder, loin and fresh hams.  Roasts are around 3-4 lbs each.

Fresh side pork is uncured bacon.  


We recently ran out of ground beef.  We have plans to have more made but we are waiting for the animal we have scheduled for this to put on a little more weight.  I"m hoping we can have more made within the next couple of months.  

Raw milk sales continue to grow.  So far we have been doing a fairly good job making sure the milk fridge is well stocked.  We have only run out of milk a few times in the last 5 months.  This mostly happens after a stretch of bad weather.  When the weather turns from crumby to nice everybody decides it's a good day to come out to the farm.  I do ask that if you are planning on getting 6 or more gallons at once that you let me know a day ahead of time.  This helps me make sure everybody gets what they need.    

My family and I are big kefir drinkers.  Kefir is a cultured milk drink loaded with probiotics.  Would this be something that folks would be interested in buying here at the farm?  Let me know.    

I'm working on getting some new soaps listed on our site.  I have added some requests such as Lemongrass & Clary Sage and Clove soap.  I have also been having fun trying out some new scents.  Carnation, Jasmine, Amber Essence Nepal, Monkey Farts, Twilight Woods  and Wranglers.  I made up a couple batches of shaving soap filled with all sorts of lovely oils.  There is a batch made with a scent called Parsley Water and a batch scented with Black Vetyver Coffee.  For those folks that love my Sand Plum scented soap I have found anther supplier for this fragrance oil.  As time allows I will be making up more of this soap. 

Odds and Ends
If anybody is in need of boxes or packing peanuts I have plenty to share.  I keep some extra boxes in the sales area so feel free to grab one if you want.  Let me know if you need some packing peanuts.   

Thank You for supporting local!
The Faye Family