Farm Life

Fall Newsletter

Another hello from Faye Farms.  Fall is in full swing here at the farm and I can't believe another summer has flown by.  The end of September marked our one year anniversary of going direct with all of our farm products.  We feel very blessed to be able to provide wholesome, healthy food to so many people.  We have grown a lot in the past year but feel our journey has just started.  Our list of projects and improvements is still quite long!

Farm Happenings
October 16th was the last day of Farmers Market for the season.  A day of mixed emotions.  I'm glad I'll have my Saturday mornings back but I will miss market and have already been making plans for next year.  Thanks to everybody for such a great season!  

We finally finished planting our north field to permanent pasture.  This was a huge accomplishment for the future of the farm.  We planted fescue and a mix of clovers with a cover crop of winter wheat and turnips.  The winter wheat and turnips will enable us to graze the cows on lush green pasture through part of the winter.

Milk News
Effective November 1st we will be raising the price of our milk to $4.00 per gallon.  If you were not aware, we do pay sales tax on everything that we sell.  To keep things simple in the sales room and at farmers market we just include the sales tax in our pricing.  On July 1st the state sales tax was raised by 1%.  Due to this and increased production costs we feel it's necessary to raise our milk price at this time.  
We milk our cows year round but I recently had to dry off a large portion of the milk herd.  All the girls get a 2-3 month vacation in preparation for their next calf. When a bull is in charge of the breeding sometimes all these pregnant mommas end up due around the same time.  Most days I have been able to meet every ones milk demands but if milk gets in short supply for the next 6-8 weeks you will know why.  We will soon have lots of calves to look forward to and the abundance of milk that comes along with it.  We thank you for your patience in the meantime.  

Meat News
We hauled a lovely group of hogs to the processor this morning.  By the end of the week our sales room will be fully stocked with pork products again.

We are currently sold out of ground beef.  I anticipate setting a butcher date for additional cows around the new year.  I will send out another news letter when we have a butcher date set.  I plan on running a pre-sale at that time.

We anticipate having a small number of turkeys available for Thanksgiving this year.  We will post pricing and a sign up sheet in our sales room in a couple of weeks.  The turkeys will be fully dressed ranging in size from 8-20 lbs.  All the turkeys that we are raising this year are heritage breed turkeys.  They do not have the typical broad breast that grocery store birds have.

Mark and Heather Faye