Farm Life

What Do I Do With All This Cream?

I've had many people ask me what they should do with all of the cream on their milk.  I've also had many inquiries about making butter.  

The first thing you can do is simply shake your jar of milk before each use to mix the cream back into the milk.  Because whole raw milk is not homogenized the cream rises to the top.  If you shake before use, all of that creamy goodness will be evenly distributed throughout the milk.  Your second option is to skim your milk.  After your milk has sat overnight in the refrigerator, take a soup ladle and slowly dip it just below the surface of the cream.  Keep doing this until you have all the cream ladled out.  I like to use straight cream in my coffee in the morning, to make butter, to make ice cream or use it in some decadent soup recipes.  Cream also freezes well so you can put it in the freezer to use on a later date.  When you defrost frozen cream, you may notice some separation but it will mix back together just fine.

I've had many people ask me about making butter so I put together this little video.  I've never made any sort of instructional video before so I hope people find this useful.