Farm Life

Stock Up Your Freezer

GROUND BEEF PRE-SELL $4.00/LB.(this price includes sales tax)
I'm running a pre-sell on our ground beef that will run through August 14th. This will help to cover the cost of processing. I have a processing date set for August 18th. The ground beef will be ready approximately 2 weeks after the 18th. I am only pre-selling the first 150 lbs of ground beef. If I do not get near this minimum I will be canceling the pre-sell and I will not be bringing in a cow for processing. If you would like to pre-order some ground beef drop me an email and tell me:

1. How many pounds you want.

2. How you would like to pay. 
Your payment options are to mail a check to 4790 11th Rd, Udall KS 67146, pay in person, or I can send you a paypl invoice. Please note that if paying by papal I will add an additional 3% on to your cost to cover papal fees.

3. Where you would like to pick up your ground beef when it is ready. 
I can deliver to the farmers market in Winfield or Andover or else you are welcome to come out to the farm.


LOCKER HOGS- $185 for a Whole Hog, $100 for a Half Hog

(this price does not include processing fees if using our processor)

If you would like to stock your freezer with some delicious pork get a hold of me asap.  I'm bringing in a big group of hogs on August 11th.  If you would like more details check out my Butcher Hog page on my website.  If you would like to pick out your own hog at the farm and arrange your own processing we can do that too.