Farm Life

Farmer's Markets

It's already dark out, and I need to go out and load up the truck for tomorrow's farmers market, but I thought I would write a quick blurb about what's going on at this weeks markets.

 The Winfield market is a really exciting place to be.  We had a record number of vendors show up last week.  We had 28 vendors!  What's even more exciting is that we have 4 new vendors this week.  First we have Chelsea's Cakes & Creations.  My mouth is watering already!  Then we have Chinese Painting and Calligraphy from the talented Zhiqun (Timothy) Qian.  Kathleen Ramsey is representing Jarboe's Riverside Garden and last but not least we have Marilyn Hahn and her grandchildren offering lots of fresh veggies.  To add to the fun, don't forget about the food demonstration.  There is always lots of tasty food to try and recipes to take home.  

The Andover farmers market is also doing quite well.  Things have been going so well that we have decided to keep the market open through September instead of wrapping things up this month.  This market is a little smaller, I believe we had 15 vendors last week, but there is a good variety of goods offered and we are growing every week.  Last week's new vendor made kettle corn, fresh on the spot.  That certainly was a treat!  I can't wait to see what the market has to offer this week.