Farm Life


Yesterday certainly was a nice day and very productive.  Besides all the regular day to day chores we did a bunch of other projects.  We started off by giving the garden some much needed TLC.  I got all of the tomatoes in the yard fence heavily mulched.  I gave them a much need watering as well.  I think I have around 60 tomato plants.  I am hoping to have extras to sell.  I have many beautiful heirloom varieties in just about all the colors of the rainbow.  Mark and the boys planted more corn and beans.  They also put some melons in the ground.  I have high hopes for one variety in particular.  It is called the "Kansas Melon".  It is a heirloom variety of cantaloupe.  We planted this variety last year and they produced very well.  Especially since we had no sprinkler system so they did not get watered as much as I would of liked.  This melon is absolute heaven!  They are so sweet and juicy with the most amazing flavor.  I can't wait to sink my teeth into one of these this year!  

I moved around some hens and chicks yesterday.  My hens are doing a fine job of hatching out babies.  I think I'm up to 30 chicks now.  When I checked the coop this evening I had another clutch of eggs that were hatching.  So far all the chicks are doing wonderfully.   I also had a couple more hens go broody so I moved them to my broody hen area.  It works much better to let them set on eggs where the other hens cannot get to them.  If I don't separate them, then the other hens just keep laying eggs in the nest.  When this happens all I end up with is this nest of eggs with all these different hatch dates.  That never works out very well.   I usually just end up with a bunch of rotten eggs.  I've had to keep a very close eye on the broody hen area.  The rat snakes are out and about.  One of their favorite meals is chicks or chicks in the egg that are just about to hatch.  I have caught 3 snakes in the last two days in the broody area.  I hate to admit this but I had to kill these snakes.  They were huge!  At least 6 feet long each.  It was a struggle for me to try and decide what to do.  I would much rather let the snakes live on the farm.  Snakes in general do not bother me at all.  I actually had a pet snake when I was a kid.  Snakes are great for rodent control.  However, I just couldn't let them eat all my chicks and hatching eggs either.  I really do hope I don't find anymore snakes by my hens that are hatching.  

Last but not least I wrapped a whole bunch of soap.  I didn't realize just how much naked soap I had curing on my soap shelf.  I printed off labels and wrapped 4 different batches of soap.  I still have about 5 more batches to finish up.  I need to get these done by Wednesday.  I plan on selling at the farmers market in Andover this year.  It is on Wednesdays from 3:30-6:30.  My last project of the day was to start working on the labels for a custom soap order.  I have been having fun on this project.  I am designing a gift set for a horse lover. I even ordered some new fragrance oils for these soaps.  I can't wait to soap them!  So all in all, a good day.