Farm Life

It's All About The Right Tools

Right now I am fencing off a days worth of grass at a time for my herd of cows.  This is called strip grazing.  It is a much more efficient way of utilizing your grazing ground.  By strip grazing, it forces the cows to eat everything in their little strip of grass for the day.  (Most traditional farms just turn their cattle out into a big field for the entire grazing season.  Allowing the cattle access to the entire field.)  To explain this a bit better, think of a strip of grass as a buffet.  What would the typical kid do if you turned them loose at a buffet?  They would run straight to the dessert area and stuff themselves silly.  Of course ignoring all of the healthy, boring food.  Cows do much the same thing if turned out into a big pasture area.  They eat all the sweet, tender, young grasses while leaving behind all sorts of other forages that are perfectly good to eat, just not as tasty. Strip grazing eliminates this. 

Well, I ran into a problem with strip grazing.  My cows had figured out that the hot wire was turned off when I was moving the fence for a new strip of grass.  Those stinkers would just walk right over the fence.  Or course, snagging their feet on the wire and dragging it all over the field.  It was a big hassle to chase them back where I wanted them and get the fence put back up.  Our friend from Oklahoma just happened to be visiting yesterday when I headed off to the field.  I was flustered because I knew the battle I was up against.  As I was walking out to the pasture I told my friend I wish I had a pair of big rubber gloves.  Then I wouldn't have to turn off the hot wire to move it.  Low and behold, my friend pulls out a pair!  This pair of gloves was certified to be able to handle 1000 volts of electricity.  I bit of overkill just to handle a tiny hot wire but boy did it work slick!  I was able to move the hot wire quickly and efficiently and my cows stayed where I wanted them.  So that's why I'm saying, "It's all about the right tools".