Farm Life

The "Flower Zoo"

Everybody needs a day off from time to time.  Now a farmer never really truly gets a day off unless they hire someone to handle all the chores, but for Mark and I a day off is a day where we do the bare minimum of chores. That is usually enough to give us a little breather.  Last week I was able to go to Botanica in Wichita a.k.a the "Flower Zoo".  I went with my 4 year old, Henry, and my sister-in-law Mary (who was here for a short visit).  Everybody had a big chuckle when they listened to Henry's account of the Flower Zoo.  You have to love the perspective of a child.  It was a very enjoyable way to spend the afternoon.  I would recommend a visit to the garden to anyone. I now have all sorts of ideas for plants I would like to use in my own garden.  


One thing I never realized about Botanica, until I went there, is that it is an outdoor garden.  Most of the Botanical Gardens I have been to in other cities have been indoor gardens.  It is a little over 9 acres but a person can easily see the entire garden in a little over an hour.  I saw many people there cozied up in a little spot reading a book.