Farm Life

Rain, Rain, Rain, and yes, more Rain....

While I appreciate the fact that we are not experiencing drought conditions.  All this rain is getting a bit on my nerves.  Sloshing and slogging through the mud.  Getting my feet stuck or slipping around as I'm trying to walk.  I've had way too many showers on behalf of mother nature this week than I care to think about.  I'm sure there have been more than a few passersby on the highway wondering what that fool is doing out in the middle of the field during a rain storm.  As much as I would love to cozy up on the couch and watch a good movie during this inclement weather,  the animals still need to be fed and the cows milked no matter what mother nature's plans are.  With 3 young boys you can only imagine the mountain of muddy clothes I have to wash as well.  Along with the pigs, the boys have been in their glory digging in the mud.

Here's a picture of my garden just waiting to be planted.  Ideally I would like to till it again so I have a fine seed bed but it hasn't gotten dry enough to get good results all spring.  I think one of the next dryer days we get I will just poke the seeds in the ground and be done with it.  The hens are happy though.  I have not fenced off the garden area yet so the spot is a good place to dig for worms.

My meat chickens are wondering what in the world happened.  One day they were in their dry and warm brooder and the next day they were amid the weather of a tornado warning.  Luckily I was more stressed about the scenario than the chickens were.  I covered their pen with a big tarp during the worst of the weather.  I was very happy to wake a couple of mornings with my chickens still present and accounted for.  

Well, as much as this rain is getting on my nerves I will be very grateful when the sun comes out and the temps rise above 70.  That is the magical time when you can almost see the grass grow!  Grass is life for this farm.