Farm Life

Ice Storm

Oh my!  What a weekend.  Thought I would post a few pictures of this weekends ice storm.  Our trees took a pretty good beating.  We will need to replace some shingles on the roof too.  The power was off all day Saturday and most of Sunday.  I was lucky enough to have milked all of the cows on Saturday morning.  I was so happy about that!  Normally I would start milking around 6:30 am.  Earlier last week I had decided I needed to change my milking schedule.  I now start milking cows around 4:00 am.  On saturday morning I was just pulling off the last milker when the power went out at 6:30!  Boy did I feel lucky that morning!  The power was out all day then.  It came on briefly at 5:30.  Just long enough that I washed the milking equipment from the mornings chores and had gotten about 12 cows milked.  Then the power went out again.  It didn't come back on until Sunday afternoon.  Even though a generator is high on our priority list, we have not been able to purchase one yet.  Early sunday afternoon we did borrow one from our friends who also have a dairy (no ice at their house). When we got home with the generator the power was already on.  The cows udders were quite full but no harm was done.  All of my fresh cows, who normally I would be most worried about not getting milked on time, have calves on them.  They had some relief from their calves suckling.  We're just grateful we didn't encounter anything too awfully bad.  So here's some pictures of the farmstead.