Farm Life

Beautiful Day

I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather.  It seems like the weather has been nice everywhere.  I talked with my sister in Wisconsin and the temperature has been in the 60's there.  For them that is a heat wave! Here on the farm we have been getting a lot of gardening done and I've been busy with the baby animals.  I will be posting some pictures of them soon.  I had a litter of Herefords and a heifer calf born yesterday.  This week I have two batches of eggs that are due to hatch and another sow that will be farrowing at anytime.  It's really feeling like spring around here!

Other News

Just to let folks know we have no shortage of eggs right now.  The hens are laying well.  The eggs will only get better from here on out.  There is plenty of green grass for the hens to nip at and the bugs are starting to come out.

The freezers are running pretty low right now but we are working on getting them restocked.  Our living pantry is full so we just need to get some butcher dates set.  I plan on ordering some meat chicks this week.  I'm planning on offering 3 sizes of chickens for folks to choose from.  2-3 lb cornish game hens, 4-5 lb chickens and 6-8 lb roasters.  

I'll leave folks with a couple of pictures to look at.  My peach trees are blooming.