Farm Life

Woolies at Faye Farms North

I'm excited to say that our families farm up in Bayfield, WI has been started up again.  This is the farm that we moved away from in June of 2007.  My brother-in-law Fred, and his wife Kelly, have decided to start milking sheep.  Fred is a talented cheese maker and he plans to turn all of his sheep milk into cheese.  Fred and Kelly have 67 sheep and 2 Livestock Guardian dogs.  They will be lambing out a small section of their flock in the next couple of months and then the main portion of the flock will be lambing in August.  They have a lot of work ahead of them to set up the milking area and cheese making area for their new venture.  They also need to come up with a farm name and cheese label.  I'm sure they don't want to be referred to as Faye Farms North!   I'm very excited for Fred and Kelly and I can't wait to try out their cheese!  Hopefully I will be able to offer their cheese to my customers here in Kansas as well.  

Here are a couple of pictures of Fred and Kelly's new flock.  The dog in the first picture is a Maremma named Willow.  Since the farm in Bayfield is surrounded by some pretty wild woods LGD's are a necessity.  Wolves are doing quite well in this area.  Bald Eagles are also known to snatch up young lambs.  The dogs live out with the sheep 24/7 and they are always on the watch for anything that doesn't belong.  They are very effective at their job.