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Happy Holidays

Enjoy the Season

Season's Greetings and Happy Holidays from Faye Farm's!  We would like to thank all of our family, friends and patrons who have supported and encouraged us in 2009.  Your business and friendship mean a lot to Mark and I and we are looking forward to all that 2010 holds for us.  

One of the great things of living on a farm is that we can celebrate the joys of the season all year long!   At Faye Farms we do not seek to standardize our production to eliminate seasonal and artistic differences in colors, textures, or flavor.  Rather, we celebrate the differences!  The milk produced from dry hay in the winter will naturally differ in flavor, color and butterfat content from milk produced by grazing the lush green grasses of spring.  The hog harvested after grazing down green cornstalks will be different than the hog harvested following an autumn of gleaning windfall nuts, fruits and garden vegetables.  One batch of homemade soap may vary in color and fragrance from another, as every batch is an artist's creation.  

We hope that you will enjoy celebrating these, and many more, differences with us. Please know that we are working hard for you to produce healthy, natural products and will continue to grow to meet your needs in the coming years.

Have a safe and happy holiday season!
Mark and Heather Faye