Farm Life

Fencing and Family

I really think that October and November got flip-flopped.  So much of October was cold and wet.  November has started off so sunny and warm.  It's absolutely glorious outside!  During these beautiful days we have been busy working on fencing.  We finally got enough of our 40 across the road fenced that we put our dry cows and heifers over there.  Mark and I have such a sense of accomplishment watching our cows graze across the road.  For the first two summers that we spent on this farm we had hired someone to cut and bale this 40.  This just drove me nuts!  Why waste all that fuel to do a job that the cows were perfectly capable of doing.  But of course there was no fence so we had to bale it.  We never baled this 40 this summer so there is lots of stockpiled Brome and Prairie Grass for the cows to eat.  We still have more work to do on fencing.  We eventually want the entire 40 fenced with a permanent 5 strand barbed wire fence.  We recently got a big chunk of this done but still need to fence the front half of this 40.  This section won't be as easy though since we have to tear out the old barbed wire fence.  We have a hot wire on this section for now.  What I love so much about a small family farm is that there are so many projects that we can involve the kids in.  We had the kids out with us building a great deal of this fence.  They did plenty of nail pounding, attaching fence clips, and making sure the wire wasn't snagged on grass when being tightened.  They did their fair share of playing as well.  We even had the family dog, Prairie, out with us.  I think she appreciated spending quality family time as much as we did.

13 acres of our 40 is native Prairie Grass.  This is what the buffalo used to live off of.  It looks brown and dead but still has lots of nutritional value.  When we put the cows in this section of Prairie Grass we noticed that the first thing they did was to eat the seed tops off of the tall grasses.