Farm Life

What's Up?

Whoahhh!  What happened to September?  It sure was a busy month for us here at the farm.  I spent my time finishing up the farmer's market season and getting our new sales area ready here on the farm.  Mark has been busy with work at Joe Self in Wichita.  In his spare time, he has been working on painting the milk house, a.k.a, our new sales area.  It's looking really nice now.  While it's nothing fancy, we are happy with the results.  We have moved our fridge and freezer from the garage into the milk house.  It is much more accessible for customers and is easier for me to keep clean and tidy. The biggest reason for the move across the driveway is that I did not want to be carrying jars of raw milk across the yard.  Now I can just jar up the milk and quickly pop it in the fridge without a hassle.

I have one more farmer's market to do before I am totally done for the season.  This is the VA Hospital market in Wichita.  It is on Thursday October 22 from 2:00-5:00.  I certainly hope this wet drizzly weather is done by then!  I would like to remind our customers that just because the farmer's market season is over does not mean that you cannot keep on purchasing soap, eggs, and meat from us.  If you are in the area just drop on by.  If you are making a special trip out to the farm you may want to give us a call or drop us an email to make sure we have available what you want.