Farm Life

I'm Unleashing The Gardening Guru!

My mom has moved in with us for the winter and I gave her the go ahead to plan any sort of garden she wants.  She has been spending the last month pouring over the seed catalogs and laying out plans on paper for what we are going to do this spring.  Since the weather is so beautiful today she has started to lay out the boarders of the garden beds.  She has plans for all sorts of vegetables, herbs and flowers.  I can't wait for the time when we can start putting plants in the ground.  Of course any time you break ground on the farm all the hens have to come over and investigate.  Today was no different.  The hens actually helped the process today because with all of their digging they tilled the soil and broke up the clumps.  Before we put any plants in the ground we have plans to fence off the garden area so the hens can't get to the new plants and seeds.  I hope they enjoy this while they can!