Farm Life

Testing, Testing

I've been having a bit of fun testing out some new fragrances this week.  I ordered 13 different scents and I am working my way through them.  I'm also working on getting some of my regular scents stockpiled so I have plenty on hand to sell when spring rolls around.  Check out some of my work.  

The Lemon Meringue Pie I colored with yellow mica.  Believe it or not I did not put any sort of coloring in the Tuscan Wine, White Zinfandel, or the Chocolate Creamcheese Cupcake.  Some fragrances discolor so this is one of the reasons why testing is so important.  I used antique green mica in the soap scented with Fresh Cut Grass.  I was going for a dark green but the mica morphed into a slate grey.  So testing your coloring is also a good idea.  While the slate grey is a bad color for Fresh Cut Grass it is perfect for another soap I have in mind.  

Here is another soap that I am just thrilled with.  I used a variation of the funnel method for pouring the soap in my mold.  For this soap I divided the raw soap in half and colored one half with peppermint powder and the other half I left plain.  When I poured the raw soap into my mold I alternated pouring between the colored and uncolored soap.  Some people use a funnel for pouring the alternating colors into the mold.  I just poured directly from my soaping buckets.  I love the look of this soap and can't wait to try this out with more than two colors.


So what's next in the soap pot?  I still have Chai Tea, Fresh Brewed Coffee, Green Clover and Aloe, Green Tea, Mulberry Spice, Nag Champa, Patchouli, and Yuzu to try out yet.  I also have an earth tone sampler set of micas to try out.  Fun! Fun!