Farm Life

September 29, 2008


We have ordered a new batch or meat chickens to raise out.  Upon arrival they will take 6-8 weeks to reach butcher size.  If you would like to reserve some birds please give us a call or email.  Birds will be $2.85/lb and should weigh from 4-6 lbs. each.   If we get a lot of requests for birds we can always order some more to raise.

Butcher Hogs

We have scheduled our last 3 hogs of the year to be butchered.  The butcher date is set for November 4th.  If you would like one of these hogs for your family let us know.  For more information check out Butcher Hogs in the for sale area of our website.


Soap makes a great gift for christmas.  It's good for either the guys or gals in your family and it's something that everybody needs.  You can buy individual bars for stocking stuffers or we can put together a nice assortment of soaps in a handcrafted gift box.  Soaps are available in individually cut and wrapped bars or for fun you can purchase an entire log of soap to cut and wrap yourself.  We will be taking christmas soap orders now thru November.  Remember it takes a new batch of soap 4 weeks to cure before we recommend using it.

Thoughts For The Day

Summer has ended and fall is in the air.  What a great time of year to get outside and enjoy the mild weather.  Our calves have started to arrive so every morning is exciting.  We never know what kind of colorful calf we will get.  We've had calves with Ayrshire, Holstein, Milking Shorthorn and Normande breeding being born.  It's always a mystery if the calf will be red or black.  The Normande's and Shorthorns make calves with all sorts of spots.  Yesterday we had a gorgeous red and white Normande heifer with lots of spots born.  She's just a joy to look at!  

We also have a new little buddy in the yard.  Her name is Midget.  She is a tiny little Holstein heifer that was born pre-mature.  When she was 3 days old she weighed in at 21 lbs.  Now a normal sized calf is around 100 lbs when it is born.  So you can imagine our surprise when we saw this little girl.  Normally it is hard to keep calves this small and pre-mature alive, but Midget has an enormous will to live and is doing excellent.  She streaks around the yard like a little bullet, kicking up her heels as she goes!  Since she is so tiny she sleeps in a box in the entryway of the house at night.  We don't know if she will be a normal sized Holstein or not but she sure is fun!