Farm Life

Count Your Blessings

Friday night didn't turn out so well.  Mark and I had finished up chores around 10:00 and had went to bed.  At 10:30 the power went out to the house.  When the power went out I happened to look out the window.  I did a double take because I couldn't believe my eyes.  One of our buildings was on fire!  We rushed out the door but it was pretty well engulfed by then.  A great couple happened to drive by and see the fire before we did.  They were already on the cell phone with 911 when we ran outside.  When all was said and done we had lost one heifer calf, a breeding boar, a big pile of straw and some small pieces of machinery.   While this is very stressful and a financial loss,  we feel very grateful and we are counting our blessings.  Nobody was hurt or killed, we didn't lose the house or dairy barn, we have great neighbors and some really good people in our community,  and we've got a better view of the pastures now.

After the big blaze had died down Mark had to use the tractor to knock down the smouldering hay piles.  That made me a bit nervous because there was still a lot of fire.  There was also a dirt floor under the building.  With all the water from the fire trucks it had become a big mud hole.  Mark really started to spin down bad so he had to stop.  I was afraid he would get the tractor stuck but he got out fine.  We'll be having to get one of the front tractor tires repaired though.  A big nail went through the tire.  

There's a big mess to clean up and some new fencing to build but the new view is nice!