Farm Life

August 27, 2008

August is now winding down and it sure has been a nice month.  The weather this month has been very reminiscent of our summers in Wisconsin.  Many of the days this month have been cool and overcast.  Not so good for the local farmers who planted late soybeans but it has been very good for our cows.  No heat stress in a month that is usually the worst.  We continue to dry off cows.  We have half the herd dried off now with more yet to go.  The middle of September we will start to see some of these dry cows freshen.   

These past two weeks we have been grazing our small field of Hybrid Pearl Millet.  This feed is amazing!  In 43 days it grew tall enough to reach past Marks waist.  We started grazing it off at this height.  By the time we worked the cows across the field it had gotten tall enough to be over Marks shoulders.  The cows are doing quite well on the Millet.  They eat the big stalks and all.  By the time we move them to a new section they have it chewed down to little stubs.  I would say the Millet is a little less balanced than the Triticale we grazed off this spring.  There is not as much fiber as you would think in those stalks.  The cows manure is pretty loose.  The cows in early lactation are milking well on the Millet and the tail enders are putting on some nice weight.   All in all it's a great crop that I would recommend to any grazer.