Farm Life

July 21, 2008

Oh my!  Summer is just flying by.  We are keeping ourselves busy with all the animals and some new ventures as well.  The biggest news is that we are now selling at the Walnut Valley Farmers market in Winfield.  The market runs from 7:30-11:00 Saturday mornings at the Island Park on the north side of town.   It has been a lot of fun to get out and meet so many great people.  So far we have been bringing our eggs, ground beef and our homemade artisan crafted soaps.   Just as soon as we can get more freezer space we will be offering our pork products for sale as well.  Even though the market is a great avenue for sales we are still more than happy to sell off of our farm as well.  We have no set hours but we are guaranteed to be at the farm in the mornings and evenings.  Since there is usually the two of us here we do not mind people stopping by while we are milking. 

Our hens are kicking into production.  They are up to 5 dozen eggs a day.  The whole flock isn't laying yet so we are looking forward to more eggs.  Milking time is getting faster and faster.  In order to take advantage of the cooler weather we have about 3/4 of our herd due to calve in September and October.  While that means lots of milk rolling in then, it means just a trickle now.  We have been drying off cows at a pretty steady pace in the last few weeks.  It's nice to have a little extra time out of the milking parlor to devote to other projects though.  Our website has taken on a bit of a different look this week.  We run our site through Squarespace.  They have made some major changes to their system and I have had to change our site a bit to be able to take advantage of their updates.   We're having to learn a few new things with the update so hopefully the change over will go  smoothy.