Farm Life

May 21, 2008

Spaces are filling up for butcher hog orders. We only have one space available for a May 28th butcher date. The next available date for butchering is June 25th.

Check out our soap pages, we've added a couple of new soaps. Work'in Hands is great for washing away dirt and grime and just in time for summer is Asian Plum, a light floral scent.

Spring is flying by with the great weather we have been having. All the animals are enjoying munching on fresh grass every day. This spring we are trying something new. Every week I am sprinkling Fly Predators all over the farm. These are tiny wasps that eat fly larvae before they have a chance to hatch. We've been doing this for about 4 weeks now. I must say so far we have been happy with the results. We haven't had any large fly outbreaks yet. Also the livestock seem to be quite comfortable since there are no flies biting them. The reason why we are giving the fly predators a try is because in years past we have had to use large amounts of fly spray to keep the livestock comfortable. Having to use harmful chemicals on a daily basis really made me worry about my families health and the health of my farm. So far we haven't had to resort to any sort of chemical control. We're keeping our fingers crossed that we will be able to get through the entire fly season without chemicals.