Farm Life

Grazing Triticale

Our girls have been grazing off the field of Triticale we planted last fall. We've been happy with our results so far. When we first put them out there a week ago we were actually hoping for a bit more tonnage off of the field. Since then, we have gotten over an inch of rain and 80 degree weather. The Triticale sure did do a lot more growing after that.

We have been giving the cows strips of Triticale every 24 hours. They do a good job of mowing if off entirely in that amount of time. With giving them strips of feed they waste very little of the forage out in the field.

Here is what is looks like before we let the cows on to it.


Here is 3 different paddocks. We put a back fence up so that the cows can not go onto the areas that have already been grazed. This gives the old paddocks a chance to re-grow.