Farm Life

Pastured Poultry Pen

In order to keep our poultry safe, while still getting the benefits of pasture, we built a pastured poultry pen. This is our 3rd prototype and every time we build one they get a little better in design. So far this pen is doing it's job well. It was very easy to put together too. pastured%20poultry%20penpastured%20poultry%20pen%202

We used 10' pieces 1 1/2" PVC pipe for the frame and Tuftex plastic panels for the closed in section. Then we used zip ties and attached all of the chicken wire. To attach the panels to the frame we used roofing screws that have the rubber washers.

One of the features that we added to this prototype was a door on hinges. This makes it much easier to access the birds for feeding and watering. PVC%20joints

To put the pen together we used 3 way joints and Slip T's. We had to order them from a greenhouse supply company. The Slip T's are great because you can use them to make hinges or put in extra supports without making extra cuts in your PVC pipes. IMG_1494.JPG

We like to get the kids involved in projects when ever we can. The kids gain a strong sense of acomplishment and they feel like they are an important part of the farm. This is very important to us.Bronze%20Turkeys

The last picture shows some of our Bronze turkeys enjoying their new home.