Farm Life


February was a very bleak month for Faye Farms. Very cold and wet. Not much extra work got done around the farm. We were also battling Bronchitis. It slowly worked its way through the family. This past week it looks like spring has finally sprung! Time for us to catch up on projects that the wet cold weather prevented us from doing. We have lots of cleaning and fence making to do. This week was exciting because we had a big litter of piglets born from our favorite sow Praline. So far everybody is doing great and Praline is a better mother than ever. Here she is with her 15 babies.
IMG_1363.JPG We also received our shipment of 200 pullets. We're hoping to have lots of eggs by the end of this summer. These chicks are lots of fun. They are very entertaining to just sit and watch.IMG_1361.JPG The black chicks are Black Australorps and the buff chicks are Red Stars. The Black Australorps are very beautiful when they are fully grown. They appear to be pure black at first but when the sun hits them in just the right way you can see shades of green and blue shimmering in their feathers. They are also very good egg layers, often laying well when other hens slack off because of stressful situations. The Red Stars will be red and cream colored when they are adults. They are a hybrid chicken breed that is known to mature fast and are good egg layers. When the chickens are adults we are hoping to be set up to rotate them through our cow pastures. The hens will benefit from the pasture bugs and forages to make awesome tasting eggs. The cows will benefit from the hens in the pasture because the hens will eat all the fly larvae and bugs that are irritating to the cows.