Farm Life

Royal Palms

An opportunity presented itself to acquire a small flock of Royal Palms. A couple from a neighboring town were downsizing their flock and they were nice enough to give us these birds. We now have a two year old tom named Oscar and three one year old hens. Hopefully we will be able to hatch out some poults. This particular breed of turkey is on the ALBC's watch list. We are very happy to have our new additions to our farm.

Royal Palms are one of the smallest breeds of turkeys. Toms range from 16-22 pounds. Hens range from 10-12 pounds. They were originally bred for use as lawn ornaments and pest control. Because of their small size, many people that have small families or small farms are finding that Royal Palms work well for meat production as well. These turkeys are good foragers and do well fending for themselves.