Farm Life

November 5, 2008

My neighbors and I are getting together to have an open house sale.  This will take place at my neighbors house. She lives directly across the road from my milk cow pasture.  Come out and enjoy shopping local for your christmas gift needs.    

Holiday Sale-Open House

November 15, 2008 from 9:00-4:00 @ 4949 11th Rd. Udall

(1 mile North of K-15 on Rose Hill Road-look for signs)


* Handcrafted Artisan Jewelry, Christmas Decor, and Fused Glass by G and E Gems.

* Handcrafted Soaps and Gift Boxes by Faye Farms. Gift Certificates for Faye Farms products (pork, beef, eggs, and poultry) will also be available.

* Homemade Caramel, Pear Butter, Apple Butter, Pecan Praline Syrup, Spiced Honey and Strawberry/Lemon Marmalade made by Debbie Yeager.


Story From The Farm

While I was milking cows yesterday morning I got to witness one of natures little ways of creating a symbiosis between her creatures.  Since it was a rather warm day the flies were out and landing on the cows.  One of their favorite places to congregate is on the under belly of the cows.  Here I look out the parlor door and one of my Red Star hens is standing under a cow and pecking all the flies off of her belly.  This struck me as rather amazing because the cow that this hen was standing under was one of my cows that is rather high strung.  It doesn't take much to get her excited.  She was standing there calm as could be as that hen was pecking on her belly.  She swung her head around and looked at the hen as if to say "Thank You".