Farm Life

November 21, 2008


This morning certainly was brisk!  While milking I had to stick my hands between the cows udder and her inner leg a few times just to keep my fingers working.  Luckily the sun is bright today and the wind is low.  There is one good thing that happens when the weather gets cold.  I can concentrate more on indoor activities.  My "Spring Cleaning" happens in the winter.  I've been sorting through the closets and the kids old toys so we can get rid of what we don't need anymore.  I've also gotten caught up with my big mountain of laundry that needed to be folded and put away.  Now is a great time of year to stock up my soap supplies as well.  Mark's outdoor activities aren't quite done yet though.  He is busy planting a small field of Rye for spring grazing.  I've been doing my share of planting as well.  On Monday I added 4 more trees to our little orchard.  I planted 4 apple trees.  One each of Cortland, Gala, Fuji and Braestar.  I bought all of my trees from Starks Brothers which is out of Missouri.  I bought 4 peach trees from them last November.  I was so impressed with the quality of their trees that I will continue to buy my trees from them.


If you haven't gotten your Thanksgiving turkey yet then come on out to the farm.  I've got a couple of turkeys in the freezer already and we will butchering the remainder of the birds on Tuesday and Wednesday.  We will also start in on butchering our meat chickens as they are big enough now.