Farm Life

October 6, 2008


I'm very relieved and happy to find out that Kansas has fruit!  When we moved down here last year there wasn't a fruit to be found anywhere.  There was a late frost that killed all the buds on the fruit trees.  This was very sad for me since I came from an area in Wisconsin that had an abundance of fruit to pick.  There were many orchards you could go for apples, cherries and pears.  The orchards also had berry patches you could pick from too.   In WI there is lots of wild fruit for the person who has the time to seek out their hiding spots.  The only fruit growing here on our property in Kansas is 2 mulberry trees.  I discovered that they were here too late to do any picking though.  Next year!  This week I have been lucky enough to have some great neighbors that are sharing their fruit with me.  I have been picking baskets of beautiful apples and pears.  This year the trees are so laden that their branches are drooping to the ground.  I have been very busy canning jam and sauce.  We are also slowly growing our own orchard.  Last fall I planted 4 peach trees that are doing great.  This year I have ordered 4 apple trees to add to our little orchard.  I really like planting in the fall.  There is much more moisture for the trees to get started and you don't have to worry about the extreme heat burning up the trees.


The broilers arrived this week.  All 50 arrived in great shape and are doing well.  We even had 4 extra "packing peanuts".  That brings the total up to 54 chicks.  They have been here only a few days and I can already see they have increased in size.