Farm Life

October 24, 2008

Today was a busy day.  You would think it was spring around here!  Two heifers, one bull calf and at least 11 piglets were born.  All the babies are doing great.  Today we are also trying a new technique for determining pregnancy in breeding age cows.  We drew blood on 22 heifers and we will send these blood samples in to a laboratory for pregnancy results.  We will then get the results emailed to us.  The old way of doing this was to have a vet come out to the farm and arm service each individual cow.  This new way is much more convenient for us and is a lot easier on the pocket book.

With the days getting cooler I have been thinking about Wisconsin lately and how much I DON'T miss snow.  When the weather starts getting bad down here in Kansas I just look at some of these videos I took the year before we left Wisconsin.  These two movies were taken in April of 2007.